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Head of JSC “Dipol” company is Lonchakov Vladimir Ivanovich

He Was born in 1948 in  Kokchetav area Shuchinsk city in a family of railway men.
In 1964 he entered to the evening branch of Akmolinsky railway technical school, and the same time he began to work as a pupil of Karaganda carload depot joiner.
In 1969 he is selected as the Komsomol depot committee secretary.
In 1972 he entered to the railway transportation engineers Omsk institute correspondence department  and began to work in reliability group of PKB CV MPS at the Kazakh railway.

In 1976 V.Lonchakov is invited to party work in the Railway district committee of Communist Party of Kazakhstan in Karaganda. And in 1981 he came back to carload depot and heads trade-union committee.

In 1984 V.Lonchakov is appointed as head of MPS carload economy Central administrative board design bureau reliability group at the Celina railway. Under his management and  direct participation were of freight carriages work reliability researches in difficult environmental conditions of Kazakhstan; in conditions of the region conditions there developed new technologies of its repair that allowed to improve considerably carriages park exploitation  technical parameters.

In the early nineties design-research activity on a railway transportation endured crisis, and he made decision to change his work where his knowledge were more useful. In 1993 he became transport department  chief of industrial – commercial Karaganda corporation at regional akimat
Since 1995 Year he worked in commercial structures on supervising posts.

Since 2003 and on the present V.Lonchakov has been the head of JSC «Dipole» Company.

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